MillarWorld Talent Search

I found out about the search just days before the deadline. I was able to create some original work and match it up with some existing art. Here's how it came out.


Going to overhaul the site as soon as I get the opportunity. Been working a lot on a lot of fun things. More to come...

Pickled Baby Toes!

This is from a conversation I heard my wife having with our six month old baby girl, Emma.

New Comic Page

Here is a page I finished last night.  I guess insomnia has it's perks.  Feeling good the next morning is not one of them.

Marvel Premier Series 2

NEW sketch cards form Upper Deck's Marvel Premier Series 2.  Had so much fun working on this set.  I think I'm starting to get used to working on such a small scale.  I will be posting more cards in the next week or so so stay tuned.  


Walter White

Having some stress free fun! Wanted to draw the best character to ever grace a television. Love me some Breaking Bad!

Robot 40: Robo Snacks!

Was working up some comps for work and I liked this one, so I changed it up and made it my own.  ROBOTS!!!!!

Cutting Loose

Here is a quick sketch for a poster design for my buddy Marx Pyle.  It's for a Lovecraft inspired series of short films called Whispers from the Shadows.  Hoping to be able to clean it up and add on soon. 

Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition: Nuklo

I was asked by Jonathan Morris to draw Nuklo for the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition.  The M.U.R.E is a group of artist redrawing the entire Marvel Universe headed up by Jonathan of course.  There wasn't much to go on with Nuklo as he's not a very well used character, but it was a fun assignment.  Hope you all enjoy. 

Robot 39

Hard to find time to draw these days.  Slowly making my way to 50.

Robot 38: Emma Bot

In celebration of my daughter, Emma!  So happy to have her in my life.  Getting back on the horse and making my way to 50!


Theatre Poster: Cabaret

This one gave me a lot of trouble.  I had to reference a shutterstock image to pull off drawing a woman.  I need to get better at that. 



Robot 37: Shane Warren Jones

My buddy, Shane, wanted to be turned into a robot.  He is a great actor and martial arts expert so I thought I'd draw something appropriate. 

Robot 40_web.jpg