Night of the Groomsmen

Where to start...

Night of the Groomsmen is a story I created from a poster I developed as a gift for the Groomsmen at my wedding.  


I immediately fell in love with a story that involved my friends and family in a fight for their lives against the zombie apocalypse. I started writing the story and I quickly realized there was an over saturation of zombies in the marketplace. They're everywhere! So I changed zombies to flesh mutating aliens. It would keep my story in the same vein of a zombie apocalypse but add a different spin to the equation. Hopefully enough to spark interest at a publishing company. 

I'll admit, this story was really for my friends and I to laugh about.  If it ever got picked up by a publisher that was a bonus. That was my first mistake in the pitch process.  I was writing for my friends and not for the publisher.  It was fun for me but limits the sales potential and profitability.  Who wants to read a story about me and my friends besides my mom?  My second mistake was the pitch itself.  You can read it below.  I tried to make it a joke and not a solid sales pitch.  


You'll understand the story from the pitch but there's not a real sense of where the story's going. There's a question but no solution. In addition to a poor pitch, I drew the first 5 pages of my story. They (the pages) weren't the most exciting, nor did it show the majority of the main characters.  Sure, I make an appearance but the Groomsmen do not. It's important to show the best pages of the story not the first.  My mistake was a very rookie mistake.  Now on to those pages.   


I must say that I do enjoy the pages and I hope you do too.  I was fortunate to work with two amazing people while developing the pages.  The amazing color was created by Jean-Francois Beaulieu AKA: Johnnyblue.  You may know him as the colorist on the OZ books for Marvel Comics.  You can see his work here.  He was a joy to work with and a very talented individual.  The second person I worked with while developing the pages is my good friend, Matt Santorelli.  Matt and I met while I was working for Feld Entertainment and quickly became friends due to our nerddom.  You can see his amazing inks here.  Matt originally inked the pages for me.  He did a great job but I felt like my style of drawing wasn't complete in a way, so I developed it further and decided to ink it myself.  

Here are some of Matt's inks.  You can see the cool style he brought to the art.

NOTG Pg3 Inks_Matt.jpg

Last but not least, here is some pages I drew while developing the style of the book. :I really enjoy these too but ultimately felt it didn't fit the story I wanted to tell. 


I hope you enjoyed a look behind the curtain at the success and pitfalls of my first pitch.  If you were wondering, after waiting six months for a reply from Image Comics I decided it's probably a bust.  I may rework it and submit it elsewhere down the line if I ever get time.  If you have an questions or comments please feel free to contact me anytime.